A World of Myth and Legend

Day 1 - Meeting At The Medusa's Head

We made it successfully and uneventfully to The Medusa’s Head in Crestfall. Everyone seems a little fearful of us; they keep eyeing the crest of Kirinos as if they expect us to sprout horns and attack them at any moment. I will update later.

UPDATE: We met with the emissary from Pharaoh Ptolemy. He is a Noda named Darja; I found that ironic, but only because I know what it means. It matters not; the Pharaoh trusts him, therefore must I. We made negotiations and are in agreement; both of our countries wish peace. We think there must be conspirators on both councils attempting to dethrone the young king and kill off the older one.

While were concluding our negotiations, there came a scream from outside. Minas’ familiar, Toby, alerted us to the presence of bandits, five on foot and one on horseback. We were joined by


Redone1413 squiggles13

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